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Marni as a Storyteller

I noticed how quickly and completely the kids were "under your spell." They respond instantly to your warmth and empathy, to the way you are willing to share your own life and experiences. My co-teacher and I talked about the images from our own lives that you evoked - so thank you.
Becky Holder, teacher and storyteller, Burnt Hills, NY

The day of storytelling was filled with laughter and tears, memories and dreams, as the enthusiasm and excitement you bring filled our school. The two assemblies you offered were perfectly suited to the age level of the audience. Your ability to spontaneously react to the students was marvelous.
Fran Ziperstein, Asst. Principal, Wildwood School, Amherst, MA

I gave my college aged daughter your story CDs to listen to at night when she can't get to sleep. Your voice is so soothing. Though the characters face challenges somehow all is still right with the world. I could listen to them over and over. Your expression is so great it opens a door to everyday existence that makes it all so rich and meaningful.
Marsha Carlson, freelance writer

Marni's double CD, Without a Splash: Diving into Childhood Memories, has its own page of responses.

Picture of Marni Gillard and a student teller

Marni as a Storyteacher

Marni is warm, inviting, encouraging,incisive. I believe our work and wonderful collaboration changes people's lives.
Jay O'Callahan, winner of a National Endowment of the Arts fellowship for solo performance excellence

I loved discovering how exciting it is to verbalize a story you've written. It comes alive!
Maureen Burger, workshop attendee

I love the concept of being listened to without interruption. Marni's class really helped me build confidence in telling my story to an audience.
Eileen Roach, workshop attendee

I was amazed at how sharing life memories helped me see my husband in a whole new light.
a workshop attendee

I saw the importance of storytelling for writers. My story took on a whole new feel when I told it.
Marsha Carlson, workshop attendee Picture of students of Marni's

I told two stories to my classes on Halloween. I'm finding new stories too. I wanted you to know I enjoyed your class immensely. Now I feel I can tell stories. Thank you so much.
Julie Nardone, workshop attendee

In your classroom sessions, you provided students a chance to dabble in storytelling and their teacher an opportunity to see how they could work with children's stories. You inspired us without intimidating or overwhelming us. You stretched us to reflect and consider what we already do and how to build upon it. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with so many of us.
Fran Ziperstein, Asst. Principal, Wildwood School, Amherst, MA

If more instructors were like Marni, I would have enjoyed learning more. This course was extremely comprehensive but I thoroughly enjoyed it. A must for all teachers.
a graduate student at Russell Sage College, Troy, NY Picture of Marni Gillard

Thank you for opening the door to storytelling for us. I am seeing teachers going for books that they remember their mothers reading to them. One ran for Stone Soup, another for The Five Chinese Brothers, and still another for The Little Engine that Could. You helped us see that stories important to who we are really are buried within us.
Laurie Pessah, staff developer

I like Marni's method of having us try an exercise and share with a partner. She brought out a wealth of story seeds!!! Good exercises, rich information.
a storyteller attending Sharing the Fire, Boston's storytelling conference

A treat to have you at our festival! My storytelling students were ecstatic about your workshop. You reaffirmed their commitment to an integrated approach to language instruction and helped them see themselves as change agents. People admired your organization - the way you kept to your agenda, apportioned time and gave opportunities to participants to interact and express themselves.
Barbara Reed, Director, Connecticut Storytelling Festival

Picture of the cover of the book Storyteller, Storyteacher

Marni as a Writer

Marni's book, "Storyteller, Storyteacher," has its own page of responses.

"Wonderful!" "Terrific!" These are two of the reactions of our reviewers who have read your manuscript, "Storytelling: A Journey into the Woods." Your paper will add greatly to the quality of our journal.
Kay Gromley and Peter McDermott, Russell Sage College, Editors of Language and Literacy Spectrum, the New York State Reading Association's journal

Your article on memory searches in The Museletter, newsletter of the League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling, helped me so much. I love the idea of time lines! I hope our paths will cross some day at a storytelling, writing, teaching place.
Becky Graber, storyteller

If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact Marni. Picture of Marni Gillard
Marni Gillard

833 Parkside Avenue
Schenectady, NY 12309 USA
(518) 381-9474
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