Marni as Christian/Interfaith Retreat Director

Do you know the STORIES of your faith community? Would story-sharing favorite Scripture passages or memories of faith-filled moments offer your organization a stronger sense of connection?

Marni Gillard shares Scripture tales and lives of the saints, as well as the memories she carries as mentors. She elicits tales by inviting others to listen deeply and know the power of story within themselves. She is the author of "Storyteller, Storyteacher: Discovering the Power of Storytelling for Teaching and Living," (Stenhouse) and the CD "Without a Splash: Diving into (Catholic) Childhood Memories."

image of Marni at Advent Retreat on Our Lady of Guadalupe, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Parish

Here's what people are saying about Marni's retreats:

"Storytelling gives us another language to speak about and understand God. Marni Gillard is more than a gifted storyteller. She is a pastoral story minister, a story midwife, helping people to enter the mystery of their own stories. Marni gives people another way to pray, a way to connect with the presence of God as known through the light of story."
Kathleen Kerrigan Duff, Campus Minister Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons High School, Schenectady

"Marni Gillard is clearly a gifted storyteller. But beyond that, Marni is a truthteller. She shares is gift and her story with the same radiance that lights her life. Listening to Marni always allows me to connect to the Spirit that has graced, moved and shaped me. Her sharing of the Spirit is infectious and opens our hearts and minds to ways God is inviting us to taste his love and know we are beloved."
Fr. Bob Longobucco, Pastor, Blesssed Kateri Tekakwitha (formerly St. Helen's) Church, Schenectady

"Marni absolutely loves storytelling. There is no mistaking it when you look at the passion in her face and the animation in her body. She carries her listeners along with her so that you can't help but be fully enveloped by the story. She has discovered God's gift in her, and calls us to find our own gifts as we listen to her stories."
Kris Rooney, Faith Formation Director, St. Helen's Church, Schenectady

For a faith-sharing story experience for your parish, school or gathering, or for coaching as a storyteller, contact Marni.