Articles About Storytelling
Why Storytelling
Teachers and tellers once helped me compile a list of the positive effects of storytelling on children and their learning. If you want to be able to convey to others the value of storytelling in education, help yourself to this list of all the reasons for "Why storytelling?"

On Building Community Through Storytelling
If children are encouraged to honor who they are uniquely, they are more apt to honor each other. One way to share our uniquenesses while at the same time discovering similarities is STORYTELLING.
Includes bibliography.

Oral Language -- A Door into Literacy
I often talk with teachers of young children and of adult learners coming into literacy skills. Here are some thoughts and tips on using ORAL language to help learners step into their competence with the written word.

Storytell Your Literate Life
A great way to start storytelling with your friends or students is to recall the memories of your literate life: stumbles and falls, triumphs and "ta-das."

The Storytelling Learning Log
I encourage teachers to use a process approach to teach storytelling, much as they might to teach writing. When I was a full-time teacher my students make individual learning logs to record their questions, to share their reactions to class storytelling activities, and to name their learnings throughout the storytelling unit.

Tips for Learning to Tell a Tale
Seven great tips explained, such as:
Fall in love with a story...Trust the story... Tell the story in YOUR words...Last but not least, have fun. Enjoy the ride!

An Evaluation Form for Students to Fill Out--and Responses
After a residency at a school I sometimes offer students the chance to evaluate their experience. This evaluation serves me in designing future programs. It can be useful for the teacher to keep as well.
Includes actual comments from seventh-graders, too.

Claiming the Spice of Life
Here is an article about my storytelling journey, starting in the spring of my sixth-grade year, 1963, with my first boyfriend.